Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari, M. Tech, Ph.D., Is a brilliant scholar of science, studied at Vidyasagar College , Calcutta , Rama Krishna Mission Residential College , Narendrapur and the University of Calcutta , with unique academic achievement in his credit. He is now serving the Department of Applied Physics, University of Calcutta , as a Professor.

Despite being a man of science, he is equally conversant in literary, historical and spiritual spheres, including Vedic philosophy, philosophies other Indian schools and the Western philosophy. At present, he is widely acclaimed as an outstanding authority in comparative studies of religions.

He is also a well-known author of a large number of highly thoughtful books that are being appreciated by thinking men and women both in India and abroad. He is also a renowned columnist and his masterly writings frequently appear both in Bengali and English print media.


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